Company profile:

    The "Universal Exports FZC" Co., LLC Company is an official representative of "Puyang Refractories Group" (PRCO) Co.,Ltd, a large scale Chinese manufacturer and supplier of various, shaped and unshaped refractory materials and products to Chinese, USA, CIS (Kazakhstan, Russia, Ukrain, Azerbaijan) GCC countries and other global markets; besides, our other key partners are: "Yingkou Longyufu Electric Furnace Material" Co., Ltd, another Chinese trustworthy refractory materials producer and supplier, and the well known global leader in refractories "RHI Magnesita" GmbH. 

    Additionally, the "Universal Exports FZC" Co., LLC is a supplier of a various equipment for iron and steel production: Steel ladle and Tundish sliding gates, Induction furnaces (various capacities), consumable items: various types of Conveyor belts. Graphite electrodes: RP, HP, UHP. 

   As well as vast range of ferroalloys like: Ferro Molybden, Ferro Vanadium, Ferro Chrome, Ferro Manganese, Ferro Silico Manganese etc.


All customers' reference lists and ISO certificates available upon request. 


Puyang Refractories Group (PRCO) Co., Ltd

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